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Specialty Gift Cakes

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Midnight Chocolate Madness

BLACK MIDNIGHT CHOCOLATE CAKE – is our dense, intense, black, moist chocolate cake made with black cocoa and rich dark chocolate. We decorate it with just enough white chocolate drizzle for a beautiful decorative effect. Serve it warm or cold with whipped cream, your favorite chocolate sauce, and a few fresh berries.

Ridiculously Red Velvet 

An old southern specialty, this RED VELVET CAKE is ridiculously red inside, moist, and simply delicious. We're presenting it here decorated with a white chocolate ganache and decorative red chocolate drizzle. Serve it with a dollop of whip cream and a few berries for an extra special dessert. It will grace any table, or give one as a gift.

Lemon Breeze

For all lovers of lemon, this was made especially for you. Fresh lemon juice and lemon zest combine to make this already moist, tender cake, extra special and simply delicious. Topped with a white chocolate/lemon ganache for a splendid dessert. Slice and serve it with fresh berries and a dollop of lemon curd, creme fresh, or whipped cream.

Orange You Sweet Coconut

Sweet orange puree and orange zest together with coconut cream and grated coconut combine to make this wonderfully moist cake. Serve it with sweetened whip cream, mandarin orange sections, or fresh orange slices, and a sprinkling of coconut.

Barbados Festival Fruitcake

Created from centuries of family tradition on the beautiful island of Barbados, Barbados Festival Fruitcake® is an ultra-moist fruitcake and a delicious dessert worthy of any festive holiday dinner, placed in a gift basket or simply given as a gift, beautifully gift-boxed.

A festive cake, it is drenched in dark Barbados rum, port wine, and sherry, and is rich in exotic fruits which are finely chopped and marinated for several months in preparation for this grand cake. It can be served warm with whipped cream, hard sauce, or simply enjoyed au naturél.

Red Velvet Heart Throb

Our luscious Red Velvet Cake is baked in a heart-shaped pan, decorated with white chocolate ganache, red chocolate decoration, a long-stem chocolate rose, and personalized sentiment.

Positively Pistachio

Our newly redone Positively Pistachio Cake is light, tender, moist, and filled with pistachio nuts, pistachio cream, and flavored with pistachio essence. Swedish white chocolate ganache decorates the top and sprinkled with more pistachio nuts. Yum!!

Chocolate Truffle Cake Insanity


Divinely delicious this truffle cake is made of pure chocolate rich enough to satisfy any chocolate lover and put you in chocolate heaven. Made of rich, dark chocolate, eggs, and cream, the entire truffle layer cake sits on a half-inch layer of dark chocolate cake, then covered with chocolate ganache and decorated with white chocolate drizzle and white chocolate ganache for mailing. ure chocolate insanity.

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