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Specialty Products

Featured here just for your viewing pleasure are several of our specialty products such as Malibu Rocks(c), Scones, Cupcakes and Muffins

Malibu Rocks

Here's something delicious that will keep you reaching into the bag for more - Malibu Rocks™. Open a bag and be captivated by the aromatic explosion of rum flavor and fresh oranges. One bite and you can't stop. Malibu Rocks™, an original creation from Sweetreats by Lattis, are marinated walnuts and pecans drenched in a rum/orange marinade, submerged in white chocolate. Sold in 1/4 lb bags, 1/2 lb bags, and 1 lb boxes and glass bowls as a hostess gift or to surprise someone very special. Malibu Rocks™ have been successfully sold in stores such as Nordstrom, Bullocks, Buffum's, and seventy-five gift shops and boutiques throughout Northern and Southern California, Florida, and Maryland. (yeah, that's how long we've been around), Delish! Yeah, man! 

Scones and Tea

Tender, traditional English scones slightly sweetened and ready for your morning coffee or tea. While we make the traditional Current scones, other flavors include  Cranberry with fresh orange zest, Apple Cranberry, baby Chocolate Chips and Ginger Spice with everythig nice. Add a dollop of Clodded Cream, Creme Fraiche or your lemon jam or curd and your off to a good start for the day.

 Bars, Cookies & Biscotti

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